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June 1982
CSC Cable Ltd Was Founded

CSC Cable Ltd was founded in Taiwan. Mainly wholesale and retail computer-related cables and accessories, such as VGA CABLE, DVI CABLE, DP CABLE, USB CABLE, ETHERNET CABLE, AUDIO CABLE, ADAPTERS.

Feb 1989
VESA Member

Became VESA Member

Feb 1990
First factory

After 8 years of development, CSC Cable grows bigger and bigger, its order more and more, CSC Cable management decided to set up a factory in Mainland, China. Its first factory was established in Dongguan city, China in 1990.

March 1992
Became USB Member

Became USB-IF member.

July 1994

CSC Cable achieved ISO9001:1994 System Certification.

Aug 2007
Set office in North America

With more and more business in the America, CSC management decided to set an office in North America, in charging of America order.

October 2000
Set Laboratory

Set up its an external laboratory in Dongguan city, China.

Mar 2014
Expand Product Line

With growth and development, CSC Cable expand its product lines.

July 2015

CSC Cable achieved ISO9001: 2015 Syster Certification.

Looking to the future

After experiencing the economic crisis and the epidemic, CSC hopes to work with more customers to win-win in the future.