Is It Easy To Do Business With DB Series Cables In An Online Store?

When you want to do DB Cables business online, you might wonder if it is easy to sell DB series cables in an online store.
What do the DB cables include? How to find a reliable supplier to provide high-quality and stable DB series products?

Let’s keep these questions for a moment

In the realm of connectivity solutions, DB cables have played a vital role in establishing communication pathways for various devices and systems.
Over the years, several DB cable molds have emerged, each with its distinct features and applications.


In this article, we will explore the characteristics and functionalities of DB9, DB15, DB25, DB37, DB50, and DB100 cables in depth.


DB9 Cable:

The DB9 cable, also known as D-Sub 9 Pin cable, is one of the most commonly used serial port connectors. It features a 9-pin male or female connector at each end.

Pin Configuration: The DB9 cable typically consists of 9 pins arranged in two rows, carrying both data and control signals.

Application: DB9 cables are widely used for connecting devices such as computers, routers, and switches to peripherals like mice, keyboards, and modems.

Versatility: While traditionally used for serial communication, DB9 cables can also handle RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 protocols.

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DB15 Cable:

The DB15 cable, also known as D-Sub 15 Pin cable, features a 15-pin male or female connector on each end.

Pin Configuration: With 15 pins arranged in two rows of 7 and 8, the DB15 cable offers increased connectivity options compared to DB9.

Application: DB15 cables are commonly utilized for video and game controllers, connecting devices like VGA monitors, gaming consoles, and joysticks.

Video Transmission: The DB15 cable can carry analog video signals for resolutions up to 640×480, making it suitable for older display technologies.

VGA Cable:

The VGA cable, HD15 or DE15, also features a 15-pin male or female connector on each end.

Pin Configuration: With 15 pins arranged in three rows of 5, the DB15 cable offers increased connectivity options compared to DB9.

Application: It has been a standard choice for connecting devices to monitors and projectors for many years.

Video Transmission: VGA cable is renowned for delivering high-quality analog video signals with resolutions up to 1920×1080 (Full HD) or even higher.

DB25 Cable:

The DB25 cable, also known as a DA-25 cable, is recognized for its 25-pin male or female connectors. Key characteristics include:

Pin Configuration: With 25 pins arranged in two rows, the DB25 cable provides numerous communication lines.

Application: DB25 cables are commonly used for parallel printer connections and certain SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) applications.

Printer Connectivity: The DB25 cable is well-suited for connecting printers, scanners, and other peripheral devices to computers.

DB37 Cable:

The DB37 cable features a 37-pin male or female connector configuration, offering a substantial increase in communication lines. Key characteristics include:

Pin Configuration: With 37 pins in two rows, the DB37 cable can accommodate a broad range of communication protocols.

Application: DB37 cables are utilized in various industrial applications, such as connecting PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and automation equipment.

Data Transfer: Due to its higher pin count, DB37 cables can transmit large amounts of data efficiently.

DB50 Cable:

The DB50 cable showcases a 50-pin male or female connector setup, allowing for even more communication lines. Key characteristics include:

Pin Configuration: The 50-pin arrangement enables complex data transmission and control capabilities.

Application: DB50 cables are commonly used in specialized applications like SCSI connections for older peripherals and equipment.

DB100 Cable:

The DB100 cable stands out with a 100-pin male or female connector setup, offering the highest pin count in the DB series. Key characteristics include:

Pin Configuration: With an extensive array of 100 pins, the DB100 cable is designed for complex and data-intensive applications.

Application: DB100 cables are used in specialized industrial and aerospace applications, where a large number of communication lines are required.

From compact DB9 cables to extended DB100 cables, the DB Series dies meet a wide range of connectivity needs across industries and applications.
Each cable type has its unique pin configuration making it suitable for specific data transmission and communication tasks.
Whether you’re connecting peripherals, connecting industrial automation equipment, or interfacing with legacy equipment, DB cables have proven their versatility and reliability over the years.
Therefore, the annual demand for DB series products in the market is also relatively large, which has considerable prospects!

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