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5 pin din to rca

5 Pin Din to 2 RCA Extension Cable

This 5-Pin Din Male to 2-RCA Jumper Cable allows you to connect your CD player, VCR, DVD, Phono or LD to Din input of Bang & Olufsen, Naim, Quad or any other European type stereo equipment.

7 pin mini din to rca

7 Pin Din Male to 2 RCA Extension Cable

Connects any device with RCA line output sockets to Bang & Olufsen DIN 7-Pin jack.Standard MIDI Cable feature precision-molded terminations for a tight, positive fit.                      

8 pin din to rca

8 Pin Din to 2 RCA Cable

Ideal for audio connections from a 8 pin din connection to left and right audio devices with a Yellow and white RCA phono plug connections.                                


5 Pin Din to 4 RCA Extension Cable

This midi 5 pin din to 4 RCA male cable is compatible with a variety of electronic musical instruments, and can realize the function of input from one port to output from multiple ports.

5 pin din to 3.5mm

Midi 5 Pin Din to 3.5mm TRS Cable

High-quality midi 5 Pin Din to 3.5mm TRS Cable allows you to connect your phone/mp3/mp4/ car to your stereo without loss of sound or video.                                                                                   

4 pin din extension cable

4 Pin Din Extension Cable--Female to Female

Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors for enhanced signal clarity.
OFC spiral shield for effective EMI and RFI rejection and flexibility.                                          

5 pin din cable male to female

Midi Cable 5 Pin Din Cable

Compatible with all MIDI standards, these durable MIDI cables come in several lengths, so you can custom the right length for your needs.  

6 pin mini din extension cable

Midi Din 6 Pin Extension Cable

RoHS Compliant, soft and durable jacket will last a lifetime, each cable is rigorously tested to ensure it can work, we guarantee it!                                                                                                  


8 Pin Midi Din Extension Cable

For this 8 Pin Midi Din Extension Cable, there are 3 different combinations for you to choose from: male to male, male to female, female to female.