Outdoor Tree Planting

Outdoor tree planting

In today’s world, people cannot ignore the impact of pollution on our environment and world. Many parts of nature have been deeply damaged by exploitation and pollution. In our effort to help Mother Nature recover from the injuries, we tries to find new ways to decrease waste, water usage, and electricity. We also try to thoroughly recycle as many plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, and other materials as possible. As a part of our effort, our company dedicated to plant trees on March 12th every year.

On this day, we organizes everyone on a field trip to surrounding areas to plant trees. Everyone plays a role on this important day. Some dig pits, some plants saplings, and other water. Although we are tired at the end of the day, we spent time bonding with each other as well as doing every our bit to help the environment. We hope that more people and companies can actively contribute and support in any way possible to the global effort of saving our earth. 

Every little action counts.