VGA Cable

db9 to open-end cable

Custom RS232 DB9 Male Cable to Open Ended

The open end is tinned with PVC sleeve, which can well protect the open end from damage during transportation. This cable will give you the flexibility you need to set up extra screens in whatever space you have available.

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DB25 to CN36 Parallel Printer Cable

DB25 to CN36 Parallel Printer Cable DB 25 Pin Male to 36 Pin Female Cable

ECO-friendly PVC jacket, soft, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
Nickel-plated plug, gold-plated pins, plug and paly.
Standard DB25 port and CN36 port, applicable to many devices: Computer、Printers、Copiers、Scanners、Barcode machines、All-in-one machines.
Bold copper core, more stable transmission and clearer image.

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