VGA Cable


2-in-1 USB 2.0 VGA KVM Extend Cable

This 2-in-1 USB 2.0 VGA KVM Extend Cable allows you to connect VGA and USB-equipped computers to a KVM Switch by using a single cable.

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2-in-1 USB KVM Extend Cable For keyboard and Mouse

This 2-in-1 USB KVM switch cables are specifically designed to work with your KVM switch, integrating the necessary USB and VGA connections into a single cable – reducing tangles while maintaining excellent. performance.

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db9 to open-end cable

Custom RS232 DB9 Male Cable to Open Ended

The open end is tinned with PVC sleeve, which can well protect the open end from damage during transportation. This cable will give you the flexibility you need to set up extra screens in whatever space you have available.

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db25 cable

DB25 Cable Male to Female Extension Cable

Adopt polyethylene HDPE internal insulation, high-fidelity design, strong anti-interference ability, reduced transmission signal attenuation and good use experience.

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DB25 to CN36 Parallel Printer Cable

DB25 to CN36 Parallel Printer Cable DB 25 Pin Male to 36 Pin Female Cable

ECO-friendly PVC jacket, soft, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
Nickel-plated plug, gold-plated pins, plug and paly.
Standard DB25 port and CN36 port, applicable to many devices: Computer、Printers、Copiers、Scanners、Barcode machines、All-in-one machines.
Bold copper core, more stable transmission and clearer image.

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db9 to db25 cable

DB9 Female to DB25 Male Straight Through Cable

This DB9 9-pin female to DB25 25-pin male AT modem cable is ideal for connecting an external modem directly to your PC’s DB9 serial port. Double shielded for maximum EMI/RFI protection.

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db9 male to female

DB9 RS232 Serial Cable Male to Female Extension Cable 9 Pin Black 0.5m

Expertly designed and constructed of top quality materials to ensure durability, equipped with screws on each end to ensure an easy and solid connection for stable data communication.

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vga to vga cable

DB9 to DB9 Female to Female Extension Cable

This DB9 9-pin cable features two DB9 female connectors, allowing you to connect a serial device to a 9-pin serial port, or transfer files directly from PC to PC via a serial connection.

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vga to rca cable

VGA to 3 RCA Converter Cable Male to Female

This cable is connected between the computer and TV, one side is the monitor, and the other side is the TV output.

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