Professional Consumer Electric Cables and Adapters Manufacturer

Design-oriented to meet your customized needs, provide varieties high-quality cables and adapters related to the computer, mobile phone, and network communication industries.

Covering VGA Cables, DB Cables, Displayport Cables, Ethernet Cables, Adapters.

41 years plus experience in consumer electric cable and adapter manufacturing.

Support Full Customize

CSC Cable always turn your ideas into samples, even bulk production.

Support Technical Drwaing

CSC Cable can draw the 3D technical drawing for you.

Manufacture & Delivery

Place your order, CSC Cable handle the rest until the goods arrive in your hands safely.

Your One-Stop Multimedia Connectors And Adapters Solution Expert


PC and Phone Peripheral Adapters

Whether it’s KVM Cables, DB Cables,  Displayport Cables, Ethernet Cables, or related-adapter converters, we take pride in offering an extensive array of adapter categories to cater to all your connectivity needs.
Our diverse selection ensures you’ll find the perfect solution for any device or setup, whether it’s for home, office, or professional use.
With a focus on top-notch quality and reliable performance, our adapters are designed to deliver seamless connections and superior audio-visual experiences.
Experience the convenience and versatility of our wide range of adapters, backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction and technical support.
Upgrade your connections today and stay effortlessly connected with our cutting-edge adapter solutions.


Multimedia Peripheral Products

We provide about one thousand different adapter molds to choose from, from USB adapters to DB adapters, DVI, DP, and RJ45 adapters, as well as their variants.
If you are tired of looking for some adapters now, why not contact us? Maybe we are the one you are looking for.


Audio-video Devices Auxiliary Cables

Unlock a world of unparalleled audio and video experiences with our top-tier cables. Meticulously crafted for excellence, each cable guarantees exceptional sound and captivating visuals.
Whether you’re a music lover, gamer, or home theater enthusiast, our products will exceed your expectations.
We take immense pride in sourcing the finest materials, ensuring flawless performance and reliability. Our cables are not only technologically advanced but also aesthetically pleasing, perfect for any setup. Join our community and embrace the true essence of sound.
Your satisfaction is our priority, and we continuously improve based on your feedback. Discover the product you’ve been searching for and elevate your audio and video encounters.
With our remarkable cables, be prepared to say, “Wow, this is incredible!”


Network Communication Cables

Here you can custom different colors, different lengths, different catalog network cables, range from cat5e, cat6 cat6a, to cat7.
Our network cables cater to all your connectivity needs. From Ethernet cables for lightning-fast data transfer to specialized cables for audio and video, we have an extensive range of categories to choose from.
Whether you’re building a small-scale network or a complex data infrastructure, we’ve got the ideal solution for you.

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Why We Can Be Trusted?

  • With 41 years experience of in cables and adapters manufacture, CSC has full capabilities in customizing any cables and connectors through our fabrication services. We can manufacture according to your specific designs and requirements. 
  •  The factory has passed ISO9001:2015, BSCI, GSV, SGS international quality system and factory inspection certification.
  • Complies with UL/ETL/CCC/FCC certification.
  • Well trained QA strictly check the quality of raw materials and finished products according to industry inspection standards.
  • Quickly respond, efficient communication, professional skills, shorter production time help your business more successful.

What They Say......

"I'm very happy with the quality of this order. I have been looking for this by testing many other cables from other sellers, but none of them came close. This cable is the best one out there, and they are very professional, I highly recommend to anyone who in need of Ethernet Cables!."

Fernando Gargano

"Perfect and nice contact. Samples are same as we wanted. After testing samples from our customer order follows."

IT Manager
Kylo James

"They are able to understand and build custom product prototypes, also can provided options to keep cost under control and customized color as needed."

product manager
Stephen Skillington

"Good quality does what it’s supposed to, fast shipping, I will order again."

Elsie Ross
Purchasing Manager

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