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CSC Cable Technology Co., Ltd  (abbreviation: CSC Cable Technology)  is a leading Consumer Electronics cables and Adapters manufacturer in China, was set up in 1982 year in Taiwan, specializing in designing, manufacturing, and selling adapters and cables related to computers, mobile phones, and multimedia. As a professional Electronics cables and Adapters manufacturer for more than 41 years, we pay great attention to product quality, production efficiency, and cost control, supplying competitive products to our customers.

At present, CSC Cable Technology is not only a member of USB-IF, but also has obtained relevant certifications such as CSA, ETL, FCC, GS, UL, etc.

CSC Cable Technology is very proud of exporting its products all over the world, to the USA, UK, Japan, Italy, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Germany, and many other countries.

With more than 41 years of deep cultivation in the industry, CSC Cable Technology has rich experience and professional knowledge. With excellent quality, on-time delivery and competitive price, CSC Cable has established many long-term and friendly cooperative relationships with different customers and has won a good reputation at home and abroad. 

If you want to develop new products or expand your product lines, CSC Cable Technology can help you in your design process and offer insights on the various cables, adapters, and accessories. Even if you are simply looking for new, reliable, and cooperative long-term suppliers, please feel free to contact CSC Cable Technology, we will be your perfect partners.

Cable and Adapter Manufacturer


Become the leading entrepreneurs in this industry. 

Enterprise Values


Be responsible to customers, employees, environment and make more contributions to society.

Cable and Adapter Manufacturer


Work hard, be high spirited, have fighting spirit and passion, unite to create a better future.


High-quality Electronic Cable

All the wire we used passed the UL certification, some passed the RoHS and REACH certification, this can ensure the finished product meet the certification, more colors, more gauges, you have more choice.


Automatic cutting

There are 3 set automatic cutting machines in our factory, which can cut 50,000 pieces of cables a day on average, greatly improving our production efficiency and shortening the production time. Let customers receive the products earlier. 

Wire peeling

Wire peeling

Machine peeling reduces the loss of products, and to some extent, it also saves the cost of customers. 


Laser welding

Laser welding can ensure that welding is more accurate, more efficient and safer, improve production efficiency and shorten production time while ensuring good quality.


Injection moulding

There are 15 sets injection moulding machines,  which can inject 60,000 pieces cables a day on average. After each injection molding, they will check carefully and take away the unqualified products, leaving only the qualified products. This will reduce the unqualified products are shipped to customers.



Each finished cable will be actually measured in our testing room before packing. We will inspect one by one at least three times,  100% excellent quality products to customers hands. We should be responsible for every customer,  for every order, and live up to every customer who trusts us. 


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