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Since the establishment of the company, CSC Cable Technology has been producing computer cable adapters. With the growth of the company, CSC has accumulated a lot of experience and skills in computer cable adapter production. By different combinations, we can produce a variety of multi-functional cable adapters. Meet your different needs.

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D-Sub 9 Pins Cable

Connector Type: DB9 cables are known for their robustness and relatively simple construction. The DB9 cable features a 9-pin connector, the connector usually has two rows of pins, with one row having 5 pins and the other 4 pins, which is why it’s called “DB9”. The connector is typically in a D-subminiature (D-sub) format, a common type of electrical connector used particularly in computing.

Straight-Through DB9 Cables: These cables have a direct pin-to-pin connection and are typically used for connecting different types of devices, like a computer to a modem.

Null Modem DB9 Cables: These are used for direct communication between two computers or devices without a modem. In null modem cables, certain pins are cross-connected; for example, the transmit and receive lines are switched.

DB9 Serial RS232 Cables: Specifically designed for RS232 serial communication, these cables are used for a wide range of applications, from industrial machines to consumer electronics.

Usage: DB9 cables are often used for serial connections, allowing for the transfer of data between a computer and peripheral devices. They were commonly used for connections to modems, printers, mice, and data storage devices in the era before USB became the standard.

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D-Sub 15 Pins Cable

Connector Type: The D-sub 15-pin cable is a type of electrical cable that utilizes a D-subminiature (D-sub) connector with 15 pins. The D-sub connector is known for its characteristic D-shaped metal shield.

Physical Characteristics: The D-sub 15-pin connector is typically encased in a metal shield to protect against electromagnetic interference, ensuring a reliable connection.

Standard Density (DB15): This variant has two rows of pins, typically with 7 pins in the top row and 8 in the bottom row. It was used for various applications, including game ports in older computer systems and some specialized network and communication devices.

High Density (HD15): More commonly known as the VGA connector, this variant has three rows of 5 pins each. It is widely used for connecting computers to monitors or projectors for video transmission.

Usage:The standard density DB15 cable has been used historically for game ports and certain industrial applications.
The HD15 cable is predominantly used for VGA (Video Graphics Array) applications, transmitting analog video signals from a computer to a display device.

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D-Sub 25 Pins Cable

Connector Type: The DB25 cable is a type of electrical cable that features a 25-pin D-subminiature (D-sub) connector. The DB25 cable has a D-sub connector with 25 pins. The “DB” in DB25 stands for D-sub, and the “25” indicates the number of pins. The DB25 connector is larger than the DB9 connector and has two rows of pins, with 13 pins in the top row and 12 in the bottom row.

Usage: DB25 connectors were originally used in older computer systems for parallel port connections, which allowed for data transfer between computers and printers. They were also used for some types of serial communications.

RS232 Serial Communication: In the realm of serial communication, particularly RS232, DB25 connectors were standard before being largely replaced by the smaller DB9 connector. In RS232 applications, the DB25 connector’s pins are assigned for different purposes, such as data transmission, data receiving, grounding, and control signals.

Compatibility and Adaptation: There are adapters available that convert DB25 connections to other types of ports, such as USB or DB9, to maintain compatibility with newer devices.

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D-Sub 37 Pins Cable

Connector Type: The pins in a DB37 connector are typically arranged in two rows, with the top row containing 19 pins and the bottom row 18 pins.

Physical Characteristics: The DB37 connector is larger than the DB9 and DB25 connectors due to its higher pin count. It usually comes with a metal shield to protect against electromagnetic interference and ensure a reliable connection.

Usage: DB37 connectors are used in a variety of applications, though they are less common than the DB9 and DB25 connectors. They are often found in industrial, data, and telecommunications systems, particularly where a greater number of signal connections are required than can be accommodated by smaller D-sub connectors.

Applications: DB37 connectors are used in specialized computer interfaces, certain types of network equipment, data acquisition systems, and in some cases, for specific industrial control and instrumentation setups.

Feature DB Cables

VGA Splitter Cable-M/F

This 1-ft VGA splitter cable 1 male to 2 female adapter dual monitor Y splitter cable lets you connect two VGA displays to a single VGA video source.        

2-in-1 USB KVM Extend Cable-M/M

Integrates the necessary USB and VGA connections into a single cable – reducing tangles while maintaining excellent performance.       

Serial RS232 DB9 to RJ45 Cable-F/M

This cable is serial RS232 DB9 female port to ethernet RJ45 male port, console cable for routers and switches, no need for converters, plug and play. 

db9 male to female
DB9 Extension Cable-F/M

Expertly designed and constructed of top-quality materials to ensure durability, equipped with screws on each end to ensure an easy and solid connection.

db9 to open-end cable
DB9 Male Cable to Open Ended

The tinned open end with PVC sleeves can well protect the open end from damage. This cable will give you the flexibility to set up extra screens in whatever space you have available.

db25 cable
Quality DB25 Extension Cable-M/F

Adopt polyethylene HDPE internal insulation, high-fidelity design, strong anti-interference ability, reduced transmission signal attenuation and good use experience.      

DB25 to CN36 Parallel Printer Cable
DB25 to CN36 Parallel Printer Cable

Eco-friendly PVC jacket, soft, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.Nickel-plated plug, gold-plated pins, no conversion required, plug and play.

db9 to db25 straight through cable
DB9 to DB25 Straight Through Cable

This DB9 to DB25-M/F AT modem cable is ideal for connecting an external modem directly to your PC’s DB9 serial port. Double shielded for maximum EMI/RFI protection. 


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