What‘s the difference between different versions of USB?

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What’s The Difference Between Different Versions of USB ? The history of USB1.0 USB1.1 USB2.0 USB3.0 USB3.1 USB3.2 USB is the abbreviation of Universal Serial Bus in English. It is a protocol specification for data transmission and an interface technical specification. USB is a non-profit USB standardization organization (USB Implement Forum, abbreviated as USB-IF) jointly […]

Colorful Outdoor Activities


colorful Outdoor Activities There is a saying that:“all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. Therefore, in order to keep our work enthusiasm and keep health, our company set some equipment to we to excessive and there are also many activities you can join after work. For instance, you can play tennis, play […]

Go Hiking


Add Your Heading Text Here Hiking is one of the most popular and accessible activity for most people. It is also a great opportunity for us to get out of the city and enjoy nature. Our company always arranges to go hiking trips throughout the years to many wonderful locations. One of the best destinations […]

Measures to Prevent Wire Fire and Matters Needing Attention in The Event of Fire

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Measures to Prevent Wire Fire and Matters Needing Attention in The Event of Fire Wire and cable are wire products used to transmit electrical energy, information and realize electromagnetic energy conversion. In a broad sense, coaxial wire and cable are also referred to as cables. In a narrow sense, cable refers to insulated cables. It […]

2 Ways to Install Surveillance Video Cable

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2 Ways to Install Surveillance Video Cable Generally, the monitoring video cable is connected with a BNC connector, and both ends need to be soldered with tin. And it is best not to use solder paste, because the residual paste is not cleaned properly. It is best to use a good quality solder wire. The […]