The meaning of BC、TC、CCA、CCS、AM


Maybe you already find that there are many different metal materials in the core of wire and cable, like BC、TC、CCA、CCS, and AM.

Do you know what’s the meaning of BC、TC、CCA、CCS and AM?

BC is the abbreviation of bare copper, TC is the abbreviation of tinned copper, CCA is the abbreviation of copper clad aluminum, CCS is the abbreviation of copper clad steel, AM is the abbreviation of aluminum magnesium wire, etc.

CCA (Copper-clad aluminum)

CCA (Copper-clad aluminum) is to wrap a layer of copper or plate a layer of copper on the outside of aluminum wire or aluminum-magnesium wire.

Advantages: Good electrical conductivity, light weight, small specific gravity, cheap price, convenient raw material processing and production, based on copper wire production, it is an excellent material to replace copper conductors.

Disadvantages: Easy to break, brittle, Tin-plated and tin-dropped; low strength, easy to oxidize at room temperature, copper-clad aluminum wire turns black after being exposed to water, and oxidation is accelerated.

CCS ( copper-clad steel)

CCS (copper-clad steel) refers to a remarkable composite wire, where steel wire is enveloped by a layer of copper. This unique combination offers distinctive benefits.

By carefully calibrating the thickness of the copper layer, CCS ensures reliable transmission of specific frequency band signals.

While copper efficiently conducts delicate electrical signals, the steel wire provides essential structural support. 

CCA and CCS are often used in high-frequency signal cables, such as coaxial cables, and are not suitable for power cables.

CCA, CCS, and CCAM seem to be copper wires in appearance, and it is easy to confuse the two under unprofessional conditions.

AM (aluminum-magnesium)

AM (aluminum-magnesium) wire primarily consists of aluminum, fortified with a small proportion of magnesium or other metals to enhance its hardness. This wire is primarily employed as shielding braiding material, offering exceptional performance.

It’s worth noting that the specific gravity of oxygen-free copper is 8.9, whereas aluminum boasts a much lower value of 2.7. This characteristic ensures that AM wire provides a lightweight and efficient solution without compromising on strength and functionality.

TC (Tinned copper)

TC (Tinned copper) wire is composed of a copper wire that has been meticulously coated with a thin layer of metallic tin. This coating imparts favorable characteristics to the wire while preserving its inherent electrical conductivity.

Tinned copper wire exhibits enhanced softness and exceptional electrical conductivity. Moreover, it boasts superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation compared to bare copper wire. This outstanding durability ensures a prolonged lifespan for low-voltage cables, enhancing their overall performance and reliability.

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