Two Ways to Install Surveillance Video Cable

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Generally, the monitoring video cable is connected with a BNC connector, and both ends need to be soldered with tin. And it is best not to use solder paste, because the residual paste is not cleaned properly. It is best to use a good quality solder wire. The rosin in the solder wire has a good soldering effect and will not corrode the device. There are 2 welding methods:

1. Strip the wire, insert the wire core into the welding hole of the BNC head (or tighten it with a screw), put the solder wire on the welding place, press the soldering iron head on the solder wire to melt it, and move the soldering iron head to make the solder penetrate evenly. The same goes for the soldering of the shield. ​​

Important: The soldering speed should be fast, and the tip of the soldering iron should be removed before the rosin evaporates to keep the solder joint smooth and free of spikes. ​​

2. Strip the wire, put the solder wire on the wire core and melt it with a soldering iron, insert the tinned wire core into the welding hole of the BNC head, and use the soldering iron to melt the solder on the wire core again and make the BNC head fused together. ​​

Key points: When the wire core is tinned, the speed should be fast to avoid scalding the insulating layer. The wire core must be tinned enough to ensure the welding is firm.

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